Kurfurstliches Schloss

Traces of the heilkundlich experienced nun will find tourists in the Rochuskapelle and the Museum of local history. The mouse Tower, which rises on a reef island in the Rhine is a landmark of Bingens. At the confluence of the castles lined Wisper Valley is located the town of Lorch. The city is dominated by pretty noble courts. In the Robert-Struppmann-Museum, vacationers can provide with information material about the Rhine.

It’s worth visiting the Castle Reichenstein in the winegrowing Trechtingshausen. The Clemens Chapel falls on the banks of the River in the eye. The Romanesque parish church is equipped with fragments of fresco and a choir from the 16th century. The well-known wine marketplace Bacharach is surrounded by a ring wall from the 16th century. The half-timbered town is one of the most beautiful towns on the Rhine. Under the arcades of the city fortifications, cozy wine bars, of which tourists views of Germany’s most beautiful electricity can reside. St. Goarshausen stretches at the foot of the Castle Katz and called “Loreley city”.

The slate rocks of the Loreley here rises 132 meters above with 113 meters quite narrow Rhine. Who is approaching with boatloads of the rocks, with the sounds of “I know not what it mean”in the legend of the beautiful Virgin with the bewitching vocals reminds. The old imperial city of Boppard offers meaning on the basis of a Roman Fort which is considered intaktester equivalent construction in Germany. North of the city, tourists via chair lift reach the viewpoint of Gedeonseck, which offers great views of the Rhine loop. The Marksburg Castle, the only castle on the Rhine, which escaped destruction is perched above the rooftops of brewing Bach. The beautiful gardens and the Castle Museum are well worth the visit. As a relic of the Castle Rolandseck destroyed in the 15th century, remained the Roland bow and has become a landmark along the river of the Middle Rhine. After a sightseeing cruise through the serene Rhine Valley, you reach the “Deutsches Eck” in Koblenz, where the Mosel in the Rhine flows. The former residence of the elector of Trier is dominated by the imposing fixed Ehrenbreitstein. We encounter signs and monuments of the eventful history of the 2 000jahrigen city anywhere. Tie it to the Rhine River Manor House with his flower farm, the Castor church or the Kurfurstliches Schloss its viewers. During a visit to the wine village of nostalgic vacationers at a noble drops can reminisce about their holiday on the Rhine.