Jochen Roder, Farblineare Compositions

the_art_room, the art space in the golden mile loads to the art – and sales exhibition with works by Jochen Roder, a renowned player of the “Rhenish art scene”. Jochen Roder, co-founder of the Bonn group specifically, works exclusively with the line. She spins out to real, overlapping each other, never completely obscuring line rugs. Read more here: Leicester City. It is the line, reminiscent of the ductus with the spring, in this case with the Seagull feather, writing hand when a hand that follows the imperceptible changes of minimalist music, the decompositions of Michael Plewkas. Roeder’s work is concrete in the tension between conscious and unconscious, almost meditative sequences as line and color, in structures, which can be organic, skin or bark. Dr.. Many writers such as rodney atkins offer more in-depth analysis.