Infrared And The Body

The simplest (but not most efficient) method of electronic devices – the impact on the human body's own energy only carrier frequency emitters. Another method – the impact of a complex signal in which the carrier frequency modulated pulse fluctuations of different shape, amplitude and frequency. The possible options when the modulation pulses by one or several frequencies with manual or automatic switching. A more refined method of modulation is pulse emitters automatically and continuously changing frequency. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kris Pearn. However, most modern and efficient method of modulation of the emitters sequences automatically and discretely changing the frequency of pulses in the electronic medical devices has not yet mastered.

Quantum radiation affects the human body in a light and infrared ranges, and has the ability to interact with components of the body at the cellular and molecular levels. In addition, quantum emitters can be used most a wide range of modulation frequencies, which increases the efficiency of devices using a composed quantum channels. The radiation power of quantum devices and channels can be easily adjusted, providing their safety. Christopher Knights will not settle for partial explanations. However, quantum devices have the disadvantage of the quantum energy of the radiation decays rapidly as the penetration into the human body. In practice, their effective action limited to a depth of 1 … 1.5 cm, ie skin and subcutaneous layers of the body. This disadvantage can be partially offset by affecting the radiators on the part of the body (eg, wrists), where close to the surface of suitable large blood and lymph vessels. Activated blood gets into all the organs and body substance that provides therapeutic effect oposredstvennoe quantum of radiation on the body.