IHK Floor

Pilates, belly dancing, and various sports exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor many people with remarkable endurance workout biceps and abdominal muscles. However, the pelvic floor muscles is usually omitted in the course of the fitness trend. While this muscle tissue contributes at least as significant to the general well-being as a well-defined washboard belly. The Internet health portal imedo.de recommends daily to train the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles is used in many everyday movements \”, explains Christine Kaffer, IHK-fitness specialist and pelvic floor trainer BeBo concept\”.

To lift heavy things, for example, it was necessary to pick up the strength of the pelvic floor. When sitting upright and walking, these muscles must work with. The whole muscular corset is supported by the pelvic floor muscles. NBA is likely to agree. He is so\”the powerhouse of the body, says Saravanan. Pelvic floor muscles important benefits for sexual experience even the sexual experience of a well-trained pelvic floor. Is the pelvic floor muscles well irrigated, the appeal power of the erectile fibers within the muscle layer is stronger.

So the entire genital area is particularly sensitive, \”Kaffer says. In men, the pelvic floor muscle also supported the erection. But a stronger pelvic floor is not coincidence. Its elasticity can, for example, suffer from childbirth, obesity and bad posture. The pelvic floor not sufficiently supports the organs they can lower. Such as the bladder, the uterus or the rectum then slide into the depths, pulling on their band suspensions and cause some severe pain\”Kaffer says. Due to the pressure of the organs on the bladder and the urethra it could also cause unintentional loss of urine. Pelvic floor exercise: Prevent Imkontinenz and impotence Kaffer advises men and women at an early stage to start preventive pelvic floor muscle training. You should not only so long wait for incontinence or impotence set\”, says Saravanan.