Holger Base

The book is published and available everywhere. Stan Kroenke understood the implications. I dedicate this book to all people, a suffering to those in different situations, no matter whether on the Internet, in real life, or wherever else. If injustice is done to for you, defend you, but is not on the same level with your tormentor. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Roethlisberger offers on the topic.. There are enough organizations for all walks of life who provide assistance. Turn on them and take the law in their own hands.

A small excerpt from the book that gays are just as “normal” as straight people, they go just with the same sex in the bed. You must not watch Yes 🙂 Often a disgust arises through the thoughts of the notion that two men have sex or you even with a gay man in the bed, just needs is the question: who creates because these thoughts? Flat! The straight itself! He immediately makes a problem, from the moment of the revelation of a gay person a hetero from a non-existent situation. Two lesbians have it sex, then is very interesting for the hetero men, why? I have This book written, because I am tired, just because it looks somehow different, not in the typical gay image fits a disability, because it is maybe slightly wider than the norm, or has a disease, ridiculed, bullied or insulted to be. I get sent the experiences and stories of other people and processes them in the book to cast a vote once. This book was carried out with comments and stories of me and excerpts from Wikipedia. I hope that this book somewhat helps that many people try to deal with each other differently. You will get it at Amazon, Libri and other dealers. Review copies for the press, please visit the site: index.php? id = 272 there please fill out the form and you will receive the ordered copy. The gay in itself… – Holger foot my author page with information about me and my books: the gay to sich.jimdo.com Holger foot