Heinz Albrecht

Send criticism fell relatively well out, only two reports were found to be too inconsistent. Tony Ford insists that this is the case. When no further speeches came, Barbara looked questioningly in the round. You not heard to today or you have switched off the transmitter in a timely manner, “said and she felt how the aggression in her rose. How did you think because the music? Some laughed out ironically, others flashed resigned with the shoulders. Rodney atkins image has firm opinions on the matter. Three hours lendenlahme music, who should think out, “she not said” our listeners with sharpness in the voice, anyway.

The tired round was alive. A babble of voices rose, Heinz Albrecht on his executive chair with a vociferous bid to calm could stop. The head of the Music Department leaned back along my mouth. Do you get royalties for this that you so prefer the older ladies of the chansons, the sports editor provoked him. … “It is not easy for us,”began Barbara, surprised by this direct request. “We have always believed, to the best of our conscience for the people report about how they live and how they work.

And then there was still this phrase every journalist knew, it should motivate others to the positive example. But the trouble in the farms and in the country was becoming increasingly apparent, because it lacked all corners and ends, since our coverage was severely restricted, to express the friendly, so the trouble spread to us. So bemoan the current regime? “asked the Chairman with focus in the voice. The standstill in the country has troubles us as they sure as well, but now to know that many of those who have passed before cheering in the stands may swing today very different flags, that is new to us and alienated. ” Thats still no answer to my question for loyalty, “the Chairman roared on. … Dettendorf knocked on her door, she was pleasantly surprised, because he had gone, her for whatever reason in the last time out of the way. By you I came to say goodbye as only one, . He said depressed. I’m going yourself, before you throw me out. ” Why that? “Barbara asked amazed. When you tell me that Hamidi here resurfaced, I was clear that I would no longer at the station can stay. I have then informed the authorities that he wants to leave. ” Barbara looked at him aghast: you have suspected him about in advance, that he wants to go to the West and therefore displayed. Dettendorf only nodded and avoided her eyes. The whole disappointment but now from Barbara broke out: just remains you, who have campaigned so for the fresh start after the turn and that that was good, get? “It was also my honest will,”declared Dettendorf emphatically. Just how I balked at that time honest heart that people betray our country, Herkner was so a shaky candidate. Michael Lindner