Participate and vote up to November 22, 2009 Hamburg, September 29 crazy outfit dress 2009, jump under the ice-cold shower, cool pose, take photo and go! Today, Eddy with Probiotik starts the search for Germany’s verrucktester Duscherin. Here, Mason Greenwood expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Up to November 22, 2009 women and also men in the domestic shower or at one of Eddy shower events in Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Frankfurt can prove a. M. A related site: Mason Greenwood mentions similar findings. they are like Eddy-fest! By the way: Also the votes of the winner is worth! Starting today, all LTTA fans in Germany are called evidence to make and are in crazy outfits and eye-catching pose under a cool shower jets to their defense either at home or at one of the Eddy-shower events (each from 14: 00 to 18:00): 09.10.2009 Hamburg (toom-Markt, Max-Brauer-Allee 59) 09.10.2009 Leipzig (Paunsdorf Center, Paunsdorfer Allee 1) 16.10.2009 Munich (V market, Balanstrasse 50) 16.10.2009 Frankfurt a. M.

(check in), Ferdinand-happ-Strasse 59) join and win Here’s how: those who participate, documented his shower appearance by photo or video and upload this until November 22, 2009 on. Who has the chance to become Germany’s craziest Duscherin also will be decided until November 22, 2009 via online voting. From the finalists and finalists with the best reviews, the Eddy jury selects the winner / the winner until end of November 2009. The main prize is a cold Adventure trip to Sweden for two people in a total of 5,000 euros. Among all participants, finalists, and voters of the shower action of Eddy with Probiotik also further 50 outdoor gains will be giving away from Columbia sportswear (Softshell jackets and bags). So: Also the vote is worthwhile! There is more information on. LTTA combines Probiotik the new force on the breakfast table LTTA with Probiotik the first bread spread with probiotic cultures in the margarine market the benefits of the margarines with the positive effect of Probiotik.

It contains in addition to the essential vitamins E, A and D also the active lactic acid culture LGG (Lactobacillus rhamnosus Gorbach & Goldin) the world’s most researched probiotic culture. LGG positively affects the intestinal microflora, remains active and strengthens the body’s defences. Already 20 grams daily this is equivalent to approximately two buttered slices of bread are sufficient to sustainably strengthen its own defense. A cup of Eddy with Probiotik contains 25 servings Probiotik and ranges for 25 days. Thus, the new trend product from the shelf of margarine is an inexpensive way to strengthen the body’s defences. Eddy with Probiotik contains only 28 percent fat and tastes wonderfully easy and tasty, is available in a 500-gram Cup. The MSRP is 1.79 euro (EIA, as of Oct 1, 2009). Press contact: Edelman GmbH, Kathrin Lamprecht, Babs Strasse 4, 22303 Hamburg Tel.