Francisco Arias Solis

His poetry books include: forgotten song (1947), Altra veu (1952), Eva in time (1952), multiple creature (1953), living land (1956), the city (1956) poems, Ratles l air (1956), general Anthology (1956), previous life (1962) and poetry (1947-1964) (1965), later appeared, the water that surrounds the island (1974), silence (1975) short biography and Vidre ferit de sang (1977), after his prolonged silence published nocturnal and treachery (1993), poemes of les quatre estacions (1993), Despres of buried tendresa (1993), archipelago (unpublished poetry 1975-1993) (1993), leaves for one day of November (1993), nocturnal and treachery (1993), to disregard the spring (1994), Days to dream that we have lived (1993), Elegies of pedra trencadisse (1997), poetry (1952-1993) (1997), the sea from the beach (1999), almost a little bit of nothing (2000), Bressoleig to l insomni of anger (2003) and Eva in the labyrinth (2006). Prose include the following titles: invasion (1955), the promise (1958), the gent to viu Al Mon (1960), the dona forta (1967), his most famous novel, ancient homeland (1969) and the unhappy resignation and other stories (1999). And as the Valencian poet said: I have come, bringing / to my absence with me. / Nothing I leave to ask / for me, because nobody reminds me. Francisco Arias Solis no man believes that his situation is free if not at the same time fair, not fair if it is not free. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL: Original author and source of the article.