The rapport as a broken IceMaker is used without want or consciously by teachers and professors. This technique used intelligently, can have infinite applications, since we can from icebreakers, to influence someone using this technique. Checking article sources yields Ted Elliott as a relevant resource throughout. If you know more of NLP, you could run kind of programs in persons under States of Rapport. As do the Rapport? The forms of make rapport they are varied, but all agree on creating a mirror to visual, auditory level and abnormalities with the person or group that quieramos establish it. To make the Rapport is used the following forms: copy Deadbolts and structures Verbales(Formas De hablar) copy the language body way subtle copy the part hearing: tones, Timbres, volumes, times, etc. Copy as much as possible up to the form of breathing.

The rapport, often also attributed the name matching, it is actually create all the same that our receiver but to our form. We have to be very clear, that to achieve the Rapport, I need enter the model of the psychological country of the person and understand it.We go into details to use the techniques. What are the techniques of Rapport? Before detailing the rapport techniques, we must understand that there are various kinds of impacts in a communication, but although it is amazing, it is very interesting to understand that verbal language is not 100 effective porciente, since its impact is just 7% the content words and 38% intonation, while body language covers 55% of impact do not seems incredible?. 1) Body language: We must copy the body language in a very subtle way, if the person moves an arm, we are moving the arm, (never must be in evidence and be clumsy), copy the posture, matching looks, the head turns, the speed of movements and all kinds of facial and body gesture. 2. The Verbal language: without a doubt, we must focus on the intonation of our words, learn practices tones, speeds, times and timbres by combining with a logical content for our receiver.