Educational Management

Good students are prepared for success. Bright students prepare to face the defeats and frustrations. Augusto Cury University reality in the country, case of Venezuela, shows us, specifically in public universities, where we have been playing for several years, large faults, gaps as regards their educational management, until the ends that it has had an impact on ensuring an optimal academic excellence according to the requirements demanded by the national stage. The modern University, must be characterised by being efficient and able to successfully cope with the challenges that higher education demand in order to ensure the country, professionals capable not only of providing solutions to the serious problems that currently face to the reality of a Government that has been declared Socialist, but also meet the requirements to modern scenarios require. Will be clear, that the characteristics of the modern scenarios, especially the national demands that the professions they acquire new fields of significance and relativize emblematic knowledge to prioritize capabilities of transformation and conversion of that knowledge in utilities and specific assets, more in a turbulent scenario as the Venezuelan in the present. University authorities responsible for the operation of the universities must know how someone has commented, that efficiency is the North which should only be vacuumed in the management of the universities: the nation expected results, society needs universities knowledge-generating, transmitting the same and they are linked to the reality of our social and economic system; It is therefore that, if we recognize the diversity and plurality of our country, we must also regulate respect for that same diversity and plurality in university institutions. Universities, should be identified with what represents the educational management, remember that this is a process geared to the strengthening of the educational projects of the institutions, which helps to maintain institutional autonomy, in the framework of public policies, and that enriches the educational processes in order to respond to the educational needs of local, regional. .