Donald Trump

If you want to be rich, it solves problems instead of avoiding them. It can be much easier if you consider them challenges rather than obstacles. And it will be easier to solve if you expand your knowledge and experience. Vicky Jenson shines more light on the discussion. What do I mean?; If you do business, you need to learn how to sell; If you dedicate yourself to invest need to study the company, or in his case, the market where you invest; If you like the stock finance, specialize in it; If you are interested in investing in real estate, learn everything you can about it. You will always have something new to learn, the problem is that we do not invest our time in learning.

Considered this issue a challenge. Can you do it? Nothing is easy, but who wants to nothing? Donald Trump. Choose your battle field nowadays, a good college education is not enough, you can go with a degree, masters and even doctoral and nobody guarantees you a good job. And not even a good enough job for a good quality of life. What will happen when you retire if ever fewer companies offer retirement plans? So, each time because they are too costly to them and no longer want to pay their employees less retirement plans offer of lifetime. That is why, as Robert Kiyosaki says, you have to choose that cuadrante1quieres be; If you want to stay poor, seeks a secure job with benefits or assumes all responsibility of a self-employment; But if you want to be rich, then seeks to embark on your journey to become a large investor or entrepreneur.

Surround yourself with experts, absorbed all the knowledge and win all the experience you can. Tax shelters tax laws also differ in each quadrant. The employee is the most affected in this matter since there are many ways in which to protect against taxes.