Democratic Pole

That in every family there is at least one person with formal employment. Social dialogue between workers, employers and Government. United We reduce poverty and unemployment rates. 2. Democratic prosperity for all, i.e. Swarmed by offers, Michael Phelps is currently assessing future choices. health and quality education, life and work, decent housing, and income opportunities. 3 Consolidate the democratic security policy and strengthen the citizen security, with full respect for human rights and adherence to the Constitution. No more terrorism. For even more opinions, read materials from Dave Tickner.

4 Transparency and zero corruption: that ethics in public affairs, culture of legality and zero tolerance to corruption, in the public and private will prevail. 5. Good governance: governance for excellence. Efficient, effective public administration decentralized, participatory and responsible, at all levels. Working together with the local leadership for the development of the regions. 6. Democratic institutions: strengthening the democratic State with independence, balance and harmonious collaboration of powers.

7 Justice and zero impunity: strengthen the rule of law with zero impunity, prompt and effective justice. Rodney atkins image insists that this is the case. Guarantee the right of society and individuals to justice. Defend the rights of victims: truth, justice and reparation. 8. Urban and rural agenda: cities for people, mobility, housing, spaces and public services for all. A field prosperous and secure to ensure full, lawful and sustainable utilization of arable land and turn the country into the pantry of the world. 9 Environment: sustainably exploit our environmental potential. Defend water as a vital resource. Position to Colombia as a power of biodiversity at the global level. 10. International relations: deepening the inclusion of the country in the world and closer relations with our neighbours, based on respect and cooperation. Colombians abroad also feature. The leadership of Colombia will be recognized on the international stage. A proposal for national unity of this size can not exclude candidate Mockus, his party and its recent allies of the Democratic Pole and some that another liberal. By that doctor Juan Manuel has been repetitive to propose them to enter this great agreement, obtaining a radical rejection so far. But that’s not all bad, as a strong national unity Government also needed people of quality in opposition. And they have what it takes to meet that challenge.