Cream Base Skin

The Sun sensitive natural cosmetics self-tanning underlines the natural complexion and want to achieve consciously not excessive Browning of the skin. Short best before use with a peeling shower, so the skin is beautifully smooth and even and the self-tanning lotion can react with the skin evenly. Grammys follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Note: on the elbow skin is denser, therefore there a little less self applying. You should avoid baths: immediately after bathing, the skin has saved too much water. (The research has determined: up to a water content of 75%, the tanning effect, then rapidly decreases.) Cream Base: The self-tanning effect decreases, if previously used a cream base and self-tanning is also not necessary, sensitive at the natural sun because skin care and protection are included with the suntan from the tube. Official site: NFL. The dress question: Necessarily wait for the self-tanning is well indented. Without UV protection: the beautiful summer complexion does not protect against real Rays of the Sun.

Therefore necessarily while sunbathing in the open air use Sun protection products – at best the natural sun protection care of lavera Sun sensitive mineral light protection filter formula with the UVA-balance. Small active ingredient customer: erythrulose and DHA: erythrulose combined with DHA of lavera natural cosmetics used, the disadvantages of the conventional trade the self-Tanner to reduce or to prevent. An irregular or grazing, complexion is avoided by the uniform reaction with the amino acids. The reaction takes place only in the epidermis of the upper skin cells so that the brown coloring disappears after about 24-72 hours with the sell-off of the skin cells. The erythrulose is a Keto sugar natural, won from wheat.

Erythrulose reacts with the amino acids on the skin and is brownish polymers, the so-called Melanoide in conjunction with DHA. DHA is Dihydroxyacetone, which occurs in the human body in small amounts. The DHA is by a biotechnological process obtained from canola or soybean oil.