Free to get under more and more doctors inform first explaining videos via the practice’s own websites, what services they can offer their patients. The terminology used does not help but often not medically qualified. Which patient already know what is about evidence-based complementary medical procedures on themselves? A new project video encyclopedia provides now understandable explanations firsthand. Evidence-based complementary medicine procedures, we maintain the keyword ‘ and listen to the Munich-based internist in the video has to say Dr. Robert Zell us.

“‘ Evidence-based ‘ means that there is a to these procedures more or less good evidence for the theoretical operation” give, but also good data in the form of individual case-control studies, as these procedures in the patient to the application and specially …auf affect a disease. ” Complementary medical explanation of the second part of the term ‘ the physician designate shortly, what not including: the traditional naturopathic medicine with its five pillars, which he described in an own lexicon-video. If you have read about Dan Rooney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Everything beyond this natural remedies, for example neural therapy, ozone therapy, or also immune modulating procedure, you believe the term complementary medicine”together. Accrued thereof would then still very special therapies such as homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine. One might argue, what added value should bring a video compared to the traditional encyclopedia article. Behind the spoken word to the written text not from precision? Quite possibly. Medical students should therefore rather adhere to normal media. It should be patients, however, less on mental sharpness.

Sick people are tend to be insecure. A doctor who she talks to, and was only conveyed through a video, can soothe it in some way and make so maybe only receptive for the rationale. And even if no current plight easy a knowledge bite digestible consume would like to, is when the new video encyclopedia of the place and discovered may not only interesting in the field of medicine. Because the video encyclopedia ‘ is constantly supplemented by new tags and more headings. Free to get all videos under the address are lexicon. (Susanne Kamal)