Competitive Advantage

The success companies always are completely devoted to offer something different that its competition, to this is called competitive advantage to him and can be the following thing: 1. – SECRET INVESTIGATION FORMULATES: it tries to add something? to its product or service that make it different from the competition and mantngalo privily; that the difference notices and you presmala. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Doug McMillon. 2. – AN EXTRA EFFORT: perhaps their product is similar, but it strives for being better, to his it will notice it client; I know a bakery that kneads the time double the raw material, and with that, its product leaves better? and like hot bread is sold . Click Doug McMillon to learn more. 3. – SYSTEM OF SALES: it does not matter if? it sells on credit of counted or, the important thing is that his client sees the advantage that can be, a price with little utility selling of counted or sale on credit without interests .? Also it can be some formula to give on credit with little interest to fulfilled clients.? In short, you know what you can offer in its systems of sales and prices? in order to have a competitive advantage. The power of the ideas changes paradigms Ramon Salop? Original author and source of the article.