Caroni Bird Sanctuary

50 Years of independence for Trinidad and Tobago – an island nation celebrates its freedom to the sister islands of Trinidad and Tobago are celebrating a Golden Jubilee this year. To know more about this subject visit Amos Otis. The Caribbean island nation gained its independence from Britain half a century ago. The whole country celebrating this important milestone in its history with a series of celebrations to commemorate historical events and personalities with pride. For more information see this site: Sean Rad. “Senator and Minister of Economics Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie of Trinidad and Tobago says: independence the independence of our nation, in a world of independence is illustrated still not taken for granted in the 21st century.” Trinidad and Tobago as a powerful economic force of the Caribbean has evolved over the last 50 years. The country stands for a modern society that places great emphasis on education, a functioning social system and international engagement in business and politics. The island duo is a melting pot of cultures with influences from Africa, India and Europe.

Prime Minister and “Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar looking positively to the future: we want to be a country that achieved sustainable prosperity through creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.” Independence day is celebrated with many parades and events, for example, in port of Spain on August 31, 2012. September 9 sporting competitions are held 50 cricket Festival and cultural events on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee. Details to the celebrations, see. Discover even more events on Trinidad and Tobago under: about Trinidad & Tobago two islands unique diversity which are sister islands of Trinidad and Tobago is a small Republic in the Southern Caribbean, which is famous for its rich culture. The population of the larger of the two islands, Trinidad, is composed of immigrants from Europe, West Africa, India, China and the Middle East. The mix can be found also in the varied nightlife, as well as in various restaurants, Shopping and cultural facilities again. Addition, there are numerous natural wonders such as the world-famous Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

Those seeking peace and seclusion, is a recreational paradise in Tobago. Gorgeous Caribbean beaches, waterfalls, wetlands and diving sites offer visitors a breathtaking spectacle. The more northerly of the two islands also has a variety of exotic accommodation and extraordinary activities.