Before Stylites

And many of them, oddly enough, if we consider only the physical component accessible and modern man, as remarkably similar to the eastern techniques. For example, many Christian saints struggled in pillar-dwelling – pray continuously without moving from one place for hours, days, months. Before Stylites opened the gifts of prophecy, foresight, healing, understanding the language and thoughts of animals. And now the East. Until now, Tai Chi, Bagua and Qigong-chang, one of the most effective methods of developing internal energy is just an exercise “standing pole” – is an adept in the rack as long as possible and focus on the processes occurring within it. Christians have been higher – they did a “good job”, working soul, and people of the East – over the body. Classify and give publicity to their findings, I was not going to. So, little by little, trained in how to healing, trying to learn the non-contact fight, I thought that knowledge is not must fall into the hands of the profane-neophytes.

However, starting the healing practices encountered such a fact – most of our ailments is obvious psycho-energetic nature. This was especially evident in matters of gender relations. I started mailing my male power and began to receive questions, dozens of stories about the appearance of men’s problems and half had ailments in the first place cause low energy, which depends on the overall health and state of mind. I was surprised that so many young people write from 20 to 30 years who suffer from impotence, prostatitis, and so on. Their faces are often “decorated” the traces of the herpes showing low immunity.

This fact finally convinced me that the health of a nation and a particular person depends on many factors, including those that I mentioned at the beginning (advertising, media, relationships, morality, religion, power and interference, etc.). Nevertheless, despite the fact that assessing the overall state of society psychoenergetic getting worse every day I look to the future with optimism. It would not media work, so that we do not have to buy advertising, no matter what behavior we would not be imposed, not to whisper a neighbor, as though we are not cursed, no matter what viruses do not appear – a person the strength to manage their own energy, counter the negative factors and to remain himself. One only has only to want. The salvation of souls and their bodies after a personal matter. I’m on my ability I will help you. Roger Federer has much experience in this field. After all, when I and harmed – by imposing unnecessary You candidate products, the mood in society, etc. And? for example do not even know whether to be proud that the slogan “Together we will win”, which uses the Sochi bid to hold the Olympics, I was coined a few years ago or ashamed of it … One thing I know for sure – how to control his mental and internal energy, and if desired, and others. Examples and tips are very simple, such as why his wife could not tolerate each other and what the cause of the subsequent divorce. Everything in this world is difficult. Everything in this world just ..