Ban Ki Moon

He gave out a warning of the scientists: If greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced substantially later in the year 2020, the warming of the Earth will be in motion irreversible processes, such as the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the acidification of the oceans. Others including Rite Aid, offer their opinions as well. Acidification of the oceans means they could also break off reefs, because carbonic acid dissolves lime. The populist German newspaper BILD, in reference to this topic published spectacular headlines. First: our planet is dying. That was after the first report.

After the second report made reference to the year 2020 by saying: We are only 13 years. In the third report, it was the consequences of all these transformations. What meaning do for the Earth, for humanity? Droughts, floods, storms, shortages of drinking water, extinction of species, millions of fugitives. In addition, deaths by heat. In early may be He published the following report concerning the salvation of the weather is possible, but doing so should be reduced between a 50 or 80% the emission of carbon dioxide.

Then came a summer break, that Al Gore and his friends took to organize the biggest musical event in history: the concert ‘Live Earth’ with 2 billion viewers on all continents. We think that also in the Titanic music played until the end. In October, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) said that the world is becoming a mortal danger. The German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung published these headlines: the life of billions of people is under threat of death. Humanity lives beyond its means. And then came the final report in November, in which the figures were augmented. The sea level could Ascend 1 meter and 49 centimeters this century. Some scientists said that the figures are no longer current, and Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary general Nations, he said that the scenarios are so horrifying as in a science fiction movie.