Back Pain Body

One of the main parts of your body is back, and she is very sensitive. Contrary to popular opinion, affect not only the spine. Located on the back quite a lot of nerves, bones, ligaments and muscles. All of them hold spine and spinal cord. Any damaged area on the back is very dangerous. Sometimes back pain lead to disability or paralyze. Women and men of different ages are equally susceptible to pain in his back.

Escape from pain back is possible and within a short hour, but sometimes the pain becomes chronic. Such pains are the most likely consequence of the shift disc, osteoporosis, sprains, fractures, scoliosis or other damage to the joints or bones. Techniques for practice for pain relief helps the pain in his back, not a little, than the causes of it. One of them is Yoga. A related site: Arthur Melvin Okun mentions similar findings. Although yoga is effective in most cases, the main thing – is to take care of my body and myself. Suffering from back pain people, it often seems impossible not only to achieve perfect results with the help of yoga, but just even to perform various exercises.

On the form, of course, a lot seems complicated, but in fact yoga has helped many people eliminate or reduce back pain. Previously, before you begin an exercise program, consult your doctor. Make sure that the pain – not the result of a serious problem that requires treatment. After receiving consent from doctor, begin to familiarize your body and your back with yoga exercises. Performing the exercises, remember that you are trying to reduce pain, rather than strengthen it. Consequently, except gradually and carefully you will need has experience of the instructor. Tell him what the problem with the help of yoga, you are going to decide. You pick the appropriate posture and exercise, and monitor the correct implementation of these exercises. Having mastered a program of yoga, try to carry it constantly, it’s best every day. Come on, wiggle your arms and legs, sipping. If you want to sit or stand, every 15 – 20 minutes, change positions. Reduce the stress of the back muscles will help exercises, as well as keep your concentration. Even if you do hard work, relax. When you allow your muscles tense up, mind you this time.

Take a breath and then exhale completely relax your body. Avoid pain If your back your back is strong and healthy, thanks to yoga, it may remain so for a long time. If no pain and no longer bother you for a long time working on myself. Keep your back healthy and this Protect you from various injuries. Only attention to your body and taking care of his health, already existing diseases are not cured, but prevented their development are capable of. For example, if you lift something heavy, then the knees to bend and not back. Lowering her head, she should be back with a single straight line. Lifting a heavy object, keep it closer to him and evenly distribute the load raised by weight. Do not turn ever, when lift weights. To improve joint mobility and strengthen muscles so that the body is in great shape to help yoga, and various aerobic activity: running, walking, swimming. Protect your back muscle. Will also help your back stretching before and after yoga classes. Love yourself and indulge, and your beautiful body will thank you.