Australian Western Hat

Western hats lend a certain charm of Stetson the absolute classic among Western hats is undoubtedly the Stetson. Designed by John B. Stetson and produced, this hat far beyond the borders of the wild of West “to honor going. Although the materials for the production of robust headwear in the course of the centuries have changed slightly – this does not detract however from the distinctive rakish charm of the Western hat. Western hats – yesterday and today originally the idea of a Western hat to come from Mexico, where wide-brimmed hats protect especially the peasants from rain and Sun.

Circa 1840 established the practical head protection in the United States, where John B. Stetson in 1865 finally made it a global brand. At the time, Beaver fur was used for the production of the first American Western hats. The Australian Western Hat variant, however, consisted of rabbit hair. For cost reasons it accesses today especially Oilskin, straw or felt.

High-quality models can also Suede, Buffalo leather, animal hair or wool to be made. No matter good Western hats draw what they are also – this way, that they can withstand wind and weather and also heavy duty no longer deformed. Advantages of the Western Hat initially considered as pure work hat, Western hat was worn primarily by farmers, country work and cattle farmers. You were in sunshine and outdoors, and accordingly had to protect her head. The wide brim of Western Hat acted in the rain as optimal gully, in strong sunshine or dusty air covering it also eyes. At the same time, the top of the head in any situation through the solid material was protected. So indispensable these advantages once in the Wild West”were, so practically, they are still today. Although Western hats are worn in our time hardly a work hat, in the leisure industry but the hat of the West is a beautiful as well as useful accessory. Western hats buy whether in sports, on holiday or in various activities in the nature – with a Western hat is still in each occasion well protected”. And long ago, it is not only men who are passionate about for wide-brimmed Western hats. The fashionable women’s world has discovered the Western hat. The trade has therefore classical or playful models for Hat enthusiastic Cowgirls. Colored, with patterns and embroidery or simple and stylish – the ladies as well as gentlemen have spoilt for choice in terms of Western hat. Western Outfitters, whose Filialen nationwide can be found offer a wide range of different models. Also online shops for Western clothing have a large selection of Western hats, accessories and toiletries.