Armed Forces

When we arrive, Erik in informs that he ties that moment, 238 participants to them of the training had been incapacitated, being that I had incapacitated only 50 novices, for 185 had in such a way been the Vampires, after 3 of them I had killed, and I was only 02:55 of the dawn of 2 day, I imagine the remaining portion of the week. We remain inside of the cave, that in gave a certain security to them, although all oppose to think it, then me they will question because of that place to be so safe. I had that to count the history of the 300 of Esparta, that elapsed for return of 480 B.C., and I tell the fight of king Lenidas and its personal grada of 300 men, who alone, had faced the Persian empire, against the will of the foros (old priests of deuses), using only the shrewdness and the geography of Greece to strike the attacks of the Persians. Stan Kroenke understood the implications. In such a way I could show as we were proteges, since it is only possible to pass of two in two for the entrance of the cave, to put we were not enclosed, as many had thought, I informed after them, that in the deep one of the cave one another ticket exists, that does not meet in the quantities of information of the Armed Forces, and only I tie that moment wise person of this ticket, therefore, we could prepare a trap for the Vampires in case that they find in them and think that we are enclosed, or that we are weak for being in lesser number. The Crack Was 05:49 of the morning, when the stories of the number of decreases had been disclosed, that they had exceeded mine expectations, arriving the 268 died of the 318 inoperative ones, being only 3 of the Vampires. .