Alexander Technique

The latest 100-year-old trend for a balanced and healthy life celebrates 30th anniversary of Zurich of Switzerland, practise it 13th September 2011, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank and Keanu Reeves to back and posture problems to avoid. Victoria Beckham started, because she could carry no high heels more. And the Swiss singer Lea Lu thus keeps himself physically and mentally fit. Read more from NBA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Far away from Asian trend disciplines such as yoga and Pilates an effective niche discipline prevailed secretly. (As opposed to olympics). The Alexander technique was developed almost 100 years ago by the Tasmanian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander. Others including David Siegel, offer their opinions as well.

This year celebrates the Swiss Association of teachers and teachers of the Alexander technique (SVLAT) be 30th anniversary. But not only Hollywood stars, musicians and world-class athletes swear by the English for success, which is based on a close relationship between posture, movement and thought patterns. To bring them in line, the specially trained coaches of the SVLAT help also mortals, the own body intelligence to awaken and improve so everyday things such as standing, walking, sitting, and breathing in the long term. The successful method has been developed for a balanced and healthy life by the English actor Frederick Matthias Alexander about years 100 ago, as it struggled with a seemingly incurable voice loss. Thanks to systematic introspection he healed himself and won in addition extensive insights into the interaction between thinking and the motor behavior and functioning as a whole organism. He wrote four books about the positive influences of the Alexander technique on the health and well-being of the people. Since then, the method was continuously refined and adapted to our modern living conditions. The universally valid principles still remain in place and up to date.

They are based on the firm conviction F.M. Alexander, that man as a single organism and therefore all spiritual, mental and physical processes are inextricably linked. Current neurobiological research results support these assumptions.