Abortion Issues

One of the subjects that more controversy has caused in the last decade is the legalization of the abortion and the conditions in which it can appear. The term defines to the interruption of the pregnancy. This interruption can be fraudulent and cannot be intentional or natural following the physical training conditionses of the mother. Patricia Rooney is actively involved in the matter. And there am another term here that tends to argue, still more, the criterion of the accomplishment of an abortion: the being mother. Then to last dates offered the option to decide or not on this condition; but, we attack the first point of the conception of the term ” aborto” , whose expression comes from the Abortus Latin, which is translated like bad birth (Ab=mal, Ortus=nacimiento) which infers a birth before the time in which a product will be formed in its totality.

In terms of Biology it is known that this product, following the time of gestation, is known like embryo or fetus, that is to say, the product that will become a human being. And we reiterated this notion: once conformed and been born, which implies that, as much in terms of Biology and of the laws, a human being to the embryo or fetus does not consider itself. This he is one of the elements that the legalization of the abortion bases, since the product that is dead, or by natural or brought about causes, is not a human being and therefore a crime of homicide, infanticide or any other type of murder are not committed. In himself, they are the ethical conceptions and religious those that imply the controversy most of, because it has occurred to understand that the abortion becomes crime, when of intentional form the interruption of the pregnancy is caused, and so to the embryo death in this way of or fetus within the maternal uterus is caused securing its expulsion. In these terms, so that the crime is carried out, so much is required that the woman is in the pregnancy state and that the product that is being developed finds alive.

However, the present reforms have stopped to consider to the voluntary abortion like a crime, since it has become a decision of the woman becoming or nonmother. Not being necessary that the product is been from a violation or that the product is in great possibilities of being born with physical or mental severe problems. Thus, the abortion has become a conception that implies the voluntary maternity in spite of the conditions in which the pregnancy has been developed.