A Duchess And A Barber In A Hotel In Sevilla

I have not yet realized that the smell of his cigarettes strikes me as incredibly distasteful. Years ago we met, I am your customer since a little more than children and my father took me with him on Saturday morning and he was very professional, shaving the beard (my father) and cutting and styling (my hair) . And since then, while his art takes place daily, always repeated the same two old stocks: smoking and talking. Although the stations and government, he never changes. Vicky Jenson insists that this is the case. And even now, annus dominis 2009 certainly not to deny. The haze of his cigarette out unfiltered piano, and he, good sir, never mind the possibility that bother me.

Smoke and talk, and this time, like many others in the past, it is the turn of the encounter with The Duchess (Yperen be true, then?) In a hotel in Sevillaa I must admit I know to tell a story. Maybe it is thousand times repeated, corrected and improved and is closer to be a story of a story than an actual experience. Now learns what to say and what not, when making a long pause and when cutting, knows how to keep the suspense and create excitement. And when he speaks, as now, his favorite story when I realized that time in a hotel in Seville who met the Duchess Netherlands (I Danish? This is no longer remembers him) and drank sherry rivers, and smoked for hours (rare, and No?) and talked (strange that too) for nothing and the world, designed secure and destroy the dreams of others, and watched the sun die and be reborn, even now after forty years that this story happened (or invented) his voice becomes young again, and his eyes moistened and feel the awe of saying that the smoke I can not sustain.