Month: June 2013

September Before

The player has passed medical examination first thing in the morning. He has signed for five seasons and its clause is EUR 200 million. The midfielder arrived in Barcelona at the last minute this Sunday night. Chronology of an announced signing: Cesc Fabregas. The Spanish International Cesc Fabregas already is new player of Barcelona, after passing this morning successfully medical review and sign with the Catalan club a contract for the next five seasons, whose termination clause amounts to 200 million euros and whose transfer has cost the entity EUR 29 million fixed (half of them to pay in the next few days and the other half) at the end of September.

CESC started early the day, since at 8 in the morning, you’ve come to the Hospital in Barcelona to undergo an analytical before moving to the medical center of the catalan club pair complete the revision with an electrocardiogram and various stress tests. Shortly before 1230, the player of Arenys de Mar, has people in the offices of the Club was where the President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, waiting for him to sign his new contract. The expectation that has lifted the signing of the now former player of Arsenal has been such that the access doors to the Camp Nou have produced queues since 11 a.m., two hours and a half before Cesc pop up to the turf of the stadium for his presentation before nearly 35,000 fans who flocked to the Camp Nou. I would like to thank this to all fans, I’ve waited many days, many months and years to get it this time. For me it is a very special day, I’m coming home after eight years out, said an excited Cesc on the lawn of their new stadium. The player has failed to sheathing is finally t-shirt of Barca, a dream that longed for for years.

Las Copas

Matters of the heart are a highly frequent cause of consultation to the tarot. Thus, the tarot of love has become a tool to which many people comes when doubts are felt in these sensitive aspects of life. One of the questions that most are made in this regard are the various meanings of the tarot cards, when they leave disclosures on the spins of the tarot of love. In this case we will cover some of the cups. To begin, the ACE of cups, when it comes out in the tarot of love is an excellent omen. This is the letter that most eminently speaks of love.

It’s a river of emotions that flow without control, as you can see in the illustration: four jets coming out of the Cup. The Cup represents the Holy Grail, which is given by the image of the Dove with the host at its peak: without a doubt eminently Christian symbolism. Love has come to our doors, according to this letter. It is a matter of open heart and let it go. The final idea of marriage and the love that comes to stay, remain crystallized in the next letter of the series: the two of cups.

Out in the tarot of love, again is another excellent omen. The ACE of cups, which speaks of a love more generally, and can treat projects or plans that will be realized as the consultant wish, unlike the two of cups falls squarely on the issue of the couple. In fact, the illustration shows two people providing. The image is sufficiently ambiguous as to be able to say without making mistakes that is a man and a woman, with as much security as we could say that you it’s two men. The issue is that they are celebrating a relationship that begins in an impeccable way. Thus the tarot of love expresses it. Bad news can also arrive in the circulation of the tarot of love, in this case in the hands of the five of cups. A person cries dismally, with the loss of something that mattered much. But if we look good at illustration, we can realize that behind you, away from your view, be two glasses remain without tip. This implies that all is not lost. You just have to know what to look for. In the tarot of love you might want to say that you a separation is looming, but that in the long run, who consults will benefit. Without a doubt, it is of great interest to delve into the different meanings of arcane minors, often not too taken into account letters. It is true that their energy tends to be lower than that of the major arcana, however, they present a wide range of meanings as well vale have them present in order to enrich our circulation of the tarot of love.

Four Powerful Questions

Each time you doubt yourself or pospongas your goals already is hoping that money does not arrive, or that opportunity to grow that still does not appear, or that courage that you don’t even feel and needing to advance, finally, all those things that you have not and you think that they will make you happy – remember that just when you throw to flywings, will you ever grow. From my own experience I say never happens the other way round. Life always happens in the present with what you have just now and exactly same here where you have found. So leave to postpone your dreams. Stop waiting for what you don’t have and what you are missing. You will always achieve things with what if you have. Look, I invite you to ask yourself, heart and without excuses these simple and enlightening questions: if not now, when? If it is not here, where? If it is not with what I have, so what? And if I’m not? Who? If you’ve answered, no excuses and from the heart, already you’ve realized the power of these questions. Only get these questions simple and powerful, and be very aware in your mind, that life always happens with what you have right now and exactly same here where you have found! If you understand this, and you live your life making you these simple questions, your life will change completely!

Universidad Nacional

Ernesto Cardenal, the Nicaraguan Bishop, which by the 1970s endeavored, in full sandinista revolution, Marxism is science and religion is faith, both are not mutually exclusive, they are complementary, it was not understood vastly, by the student of that time movement, dazzled by Marxism and its noble objectives, however played an important point and force, as history of this relationship between science and faithhas been winding between conflict and dialogue that has the paradigma, Galileo, today studied, reviewed, and passed the case, science is a conquest of the name, is a conquest of humanity through history, science is not atheist by nature, or antagonist of faith universities, insofar as they are the Centre of Sciences, are night clubswhere knowledge is created when he investigates, where knowledge is transmitted when he teaches and transforms when it is projected to the society. These concepts, perhaps allow understand evolution and the relationship of the University movement with the Church, in the 1970s, the common was to take churches, as a way to call the attention, maybe some remember, the shots of the Church San Agustin and the very same Cathedral in 1972, both ended in a brutal massacre of students within the same sacred enclosures, as was the case at the national level; the relation of universities with the Church was weak with the passage of the years was becoming frequent. See Archbishop Miguel Cabrejos, haciendo mass in the College courtyard, impartiendo communion massively to estudiantes and searching for helps for a law student that he had to be treated in Spain, it was becoming evident the income of students different Apostolic movements of the Church, among many other facts, until these last days .where both parties in conflict of the UNT, where there are still obvious Socialist sympathies in some of them, request the mediation of the Church to put an end to a conflict that tiredness, pumps, or wounded, nor the congressmen, could resolve. This fact, good, happy, profitable for the University community and society itself, maximizing it, perhaps, reminds us that science and faith are complementary, regardless of the ideological pluralismo has to recognize that the role played by faith, humbly accompanying the man in search of the verdad and justice; the College estates must know which can be rebellious, can be revolutionary, being Christian, because for more than 2000 years Jesus raised the goal revolutionary form a new man, a new community, a new society, transforming the man, without violent midwives, without bloodshed, without Attila, without Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin without without. 21St century he knows that science, conscience and belief are not mutually exclusive and complementarias within the civilized development of society.