Month: July 2012

Visual Arts

When investigating the reasons of the desistances, the academics of the course of Visual Arts had told some disadvantages that, supposedly, can be considered reasons of the desistances of excessively the academics, as the lack of the traditional relation face-the-face between professor and pupils, insufficient domain technician of the use of the computer, mainly of the Internet, that is, the inability in dealing with the new technologies create difficulties in following the activities in the distance proposals for the courses as: to receive and to send email, to participate of chats, groups of quarrel, etc.; the lack of actual moments with the professor with more frequency; fatigue and lack of time of carrying through the activities on line. Considering the evasion as a frequent factor in courses in the distance, as affirmed in different articles, the success of the course can be influenced by factors as: a clear definition of the program, the correct use of the didactic material, the correct use of appropriate ways that professors and pupils facilitate to the interatividade between and the pupils and the qualification of the professors. Beyond these points, the evasion can also be influenced by individual and regional necessities and the evaluation of the course. In this way the analysis of these factors can be preventive in the reduction of the evasion in the EAD. (MAYAN, 2004) One day of work, the reason is known after that the fatigue is not alone, for which a pupil abandons a course in the modality in the distance.

As he detaches the author, has a series of factors that can be taken in consideration to justify the evasion. The proper disinterest for the continuity of the studies, also is an element to be considered in this fact. An approach more face-the-face seems to stimulate more the pupil to continue and to participate effectively of the course.